Far From There is an alt-rock group that started in Boston in 2009. Their style aims to be as eclectic as possible, drawing heavily on influences from a number of genres, but hammering them home with an alt-rock sensibility and some careful orchestration. Far From There got its start when three musicians, Jeff Dodge, Dave Halperin, and Brandon Schory, got together and started jamming. Initially from three different schools of music, they started pulling each other in new directions, and a new sound was born. After writing a number of songs and exploring the possibilities this collaboration could have, they asked Jared Assmus to step in on drums. Jared’s drum sensibilities finalized the sound that the band needed, and they continued to write and shape their efforts. In the fall of 2010, Far From There signed to Square Sad Face, a Boston based label looking to foster creativity in the Boston music scene. Currently the band is continuing to write and booking gigs in the Greater Boston Area.

Jared Assmus: Drums

Jared got a late start in music, despite being interested in it from an early age. His opportunity to finally pick up an instrument came when an opening for a drummer appeared in his high school music program. He quickly moved through the ranks of drummers at school, eventaully earning a spot as the drummer in their jazz band, and on snare and quads in their marching band. Unfortunately, after only a few years of music, college rolled around, and Jared was forced to leave his set at home. He wasn’t afforded much opportunity to play until he was approached by Far From There to sit in on drums. Back behind the set, he quickly warmed up the the material, and is enjoying playing and exploring his abilities as a drummer as the band pushes in new directions.

Jared’s style behind the set favors reserved nuance rather than explosive cacauphony. Though he’s more than able to provide a raucous beat when necessary, he often favors a more reserved approach that lends a strong musicality to the drums. This sense of musicality, often left beind in rock drumming, lends a style to the heartbeat of Far From There that fleshes out the feel and frees the others to push in new, and interesting directions.

Jeff Dodge: Guitar, Lead Vocals

At 15 years old, Jeff picked up his Dad’s cheap ‘70’s acoustic guitar (with strings an inch off the fretboard), a self-teaching book, and taught himself guitar. Within a month of playing, he began experimenting with singing and playing simultaneously. From his first high school alternative band Eternal Glow, to Barrier, a progressive metal band, to The Untold, an alternative metal band, his journey musically and geographically led him from Nashville, TN to Boston to the eclectic blend that has become Far From There.

Jeff’s the driving force behind the melodic qualities that Far From There comes to the table with. Singing with two voices, his own and his guitar, he bends them to encompass an incredibly wide range of emotions. Never shy, and often in your face, Jeff adds a needed edge to the Far From There sound.

Dave Halperin: Bass, Saxophone

As a quiet child, Dave found a voice for expressing himself through playing the saxophone.  Beginning in fourth grade, initially playing classical music, he eventually found his passion was playing jazz.  A frustrating experience at the end of high school led him to leave his saxophone at home when moving to college. Shortly, though, Dave found himself missing that musical outlet. Desiring to play his favorite rock songs, Brandon nudged him to start teaching himself guitar.  Four years later, Brandon introduced him to Jeff, and after a few initial jam sessions, they mentioned they were interested in forming a band and asked if he’d learn to play bass for them.  He agreed, and began working in earnest to learn bass, excited by the prospect of being in a rock band.

Dave’s touch of the bass is focused and percussive, without sacrificing the melodic qualities of the instrument. He is able to comfortably bridge the gap between the melodic and the rhythmic, all while adding a flare only years as an jazz soloist could offer. Dave is the glue that holds Far From There together.

Brandon Schory: Guitar, Piano

Brandon is a classically trained pianist and drummer, and a self-taught guitarist. He’s been studying and performing for 15 years. Since wanting to emulate his father as a pianist and songwriter as a young child, he’s continued to grow as a musician, peforming in a number of different bands, and writing both for bands and as a solo artist. Having moved away from his former band, The Defenestrators, when going to college, he’d been looking to put together a group in Boston for a number of years. Far From There is the culmination of those years spent searching for like minded musicians.

Providing anything from raucous rhythm guitar to delicate piano, Brandon is the harmonic body. Brandon’s style is focused and precise, speaking clearly and simply to the music at hand. Though stepping to the lead on occasion, he favors sitting in the middle of the mix and crafting whatever tonal elements he feels are needed to push the sound a little farther than it’s gone before.